06 May


Basics Of A Dental Filling

A lot of people wonder what it like is getting a dental filling done. Or wonder if the pain or sensitivity they feel mean that they will need a dental filling.

Dental fillings are used to restore a tooth damaged by decay to its normal function and shape. These fillings ‘fill’ these holes in tooth and thus restoring it, to prevent further bacteria from entering the tooth and also prevent further weakening and deterioration of the tooth.

Surprisingly tooth decay is not painful most of the time. It becomes painful or sensitive with the tooth decay or cavity has grown and is now close to the nerve of the tooth. So early detection with regular dental checkups and radiographs can spot early cavities which are simpler to restore!

What happens when you get a dental filling?

After consulting you and investigating the tooth that requires a dental filling, we would anaesthetize the tooth to make the whole experience as comfortable as possible. We will then proceed to remove the infected and affected tooth structure and ensure that only healthy tooth structure remains. Afterwards, the cleaned-out cavity will be filled with the chosen filling material.

What are the types of filling materials?

There are various types of filling materials available. Your dentist will help you choose which filling material is best for you, depending on the location of the cavity, the extent of the damage and necessary repair, whether you have allergies, and your budget.

Amalgam fillings although uncommon are still in use today. They consist of silver, copper, mercury, and tin, making a strong and stable material. This type of filling has shown to be resistant to wear and extremely durable in smaller cavities.

Gold fillings once again are uncommon but still in use. They are specially made in laboratories and then cemented into place. They work great in mouths that grind and have a heavy bite. Also, gold appears to work well with gum tissues!

Porcelain fillings, like gold fillings, are made in laboratories and then bonded to the tooth. They are a pretty popular choice because they are very strong, require little maintenance and can be designed to strengthen the tooth as well. Also, the aesthetics are great! They can be matched to the natural colour of your teeth and are also resistant to staining.

Composite fillings are created from a form of acrylic resin. They are a very common and popular type of filling material used today. They show good strength and longevity and can be closely matched to your natural tooth colour. Composite filling material is reliable, quick and effective restoring early dental cavities. They require little maintenance if in a well looked after mouth!

How long does the procedure take?

The whole dental filling appointment can take as little as 30 minutes for a simple cavity. Once the filling has been placed, your dentist will polish the restored tooth, and you can then freely enjoy your newly repaired tooth!

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