15 Jun

What Are Panoramic Dental X-rays?

Not really a commonly asked question here at Templestowe Dental Group – but we thought it would be cool just to answer these uncommon and unasked questions! Panoramic radiology, commonly called panoramic x-ray, formally...
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12 Jun

Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?

Another uncommon unasked question we get here at Templestowe Dental Group! Why do we have wisdom teeth? Why do they bother us so much as a young adult? Why have I been told to...
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14 May

Common Dental Issues You Should Consult With Your Dentist

Most often than not, you visit your dentist only when absolutely necessary. Usually, this means you’re already in immense pain and discomfort and are looking for the quickest way for lasting relief. You hurry...
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10 May

What To Look For In Dentistry For Children

Proper dental care starts in childhood, right from the moment your kid’s first tooth erupts. This means regular trips to the dentist to ensure that the children are set for life-long oral health. At...
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06 May

Basics Of A Dental Filling

A lot of people wonder what it like is getting a dental filling done. Or wonder if the pain or sensitivity they feel mean that they will need a dental filling. Dental fillings are...
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02 May

Easy Tips & Tricks To Improve Your Dental Health

For sure you’re aware that brushing and flossing daily are important to your oral hygiene. But there are other tips and tricks that your dentist in Templestowe would want you to know and follow....
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